NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy)

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NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a breakthrough assessment system that seeks to get at the actual cause of pain.  Most doctors simply “chase” pain until they find some treatment or exercise that removes this pain.  NKT addresses movement patterns which are stored in the brain and are the actual cause of pain in most cases.  Soft tissue treatments like ART, Graston, FAKTR, Dry Needling, Vacuum Therapy, Massage are great, but if your symtoms continue to return, these techniques were most likely treating symptoms or compensations of the actual cause of your pain.  Dr. Barnes was the first individual in Oklahoma to complete all 3 levels.  Dr. Barnes has also helped instruct NKT seminars.


NKT Founder David Weinstock explains Neurokinetic Therapy

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