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Dr. Barnes and Marina (MDT Cervical and Lumbar certified) use the McKenize Method in our office to help diagnose and treat spine-related disorders like bulging/herniated discs, facet syndromes, and postural-related pain.  In most cases, Dr. Barnes can resolve acute and chronic back and neck pain without the need for surgery.  In rare instances, a patients condition is beyond the abilities of the McKenzie Method.  For those patients, Spinal Decompression therapy is implemented.



The total system of patient care known as the McKenzie Method is an approach that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for common back and neck problems.Most low back pain is “mechanical” in origin, meaning that an applied force caused the pain. A basic philosophy of McKenzie’s theory is that the reverse force can probably abolish the pain and restore function.


McKenzie credits the patient’s ability to learn the principles and empowers them to be in control of their own symptom management, which can reduce dependency on medical intervention. The McKenzie Method promotes the body’s potential to heal itself without medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, surgery or a force dependent on the practitioner. It also addresses a growing demand from patients and third party payers for professional rehabilitation services that develop the patient’s self-treatment skills in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.


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Unique to the McKenzie Method is a comprehensive and logical step-by-step process to evaluate the patient’s problem quickly. This mechanical examination can “classify” most patient conditions by the level of pain or limitation that results from certain movements or positions. A McKenzie assessment can eliminate the need for expensive and/or invasive procedures. Research has shown the initial McKenzie assessment procedures to be as reliable as costly diagnostic imaging (i.e., x-rays, MRIs) to determine the source of the problem and quickly identify responders and non-responders.


McKenzie treatment prescribes a series of individualized exercises. The emphasis is on active patient involvement, which minimizes the number of visits to the clinic. Ultimately, most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided the necessary knowledge and tools. For patients with more difficult mechanical problems, a certified McKenzie clinician can provide advanced hands-on techniques until the patient can self administer.


By learning how to self-treat the current problem, patients gain hands-on knowledge on how to minimize the risk of recurrence and to rapidly deal with recurrence if it occurs. The likelihood of problems persisting can more likely be prevented through self-maintenance.

Dr. Marina Mangano is certified in McKenzie MDT A & B courses

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