DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)

DNS Logo

DNS is a rehabilitation approach created by the Prague School of Rehabilitation in the Czech Republic where their physiotherapists specialize in human kinesiology and development. Inspired by the movement and breathing patterns of a developing child, the same positions are used as exercises for adults to return to the optimum mechanics we were designed with. Using this approach, DNS teaches us that breathing is the key link to unlocking optimal neurology. It serves as the “control alt delete button” to reset stress, tight muscles, and poor posture. DNS training is perfect for those who have a weak support system, unshared joint range of motion, or chronic injuries to due areas of hypermobility. Very helpful for women with postnatal pelvic floor issues and incontinence. While the exercise progressions will be prescribed and taught in the office, patients will bring home this knowledge to incorporate into their daily activities and exercise routine.  Dr. Marina Mangano has taken several courses in DNS Therapy.  Dr. Barnes has also taken a DNS class in corrective exercises strategies.