Custom Orthotics for Active People

Xtreme Footwerks

We are proud to offer 100% custom orthotics through XTREME FOOTWERKS



In our office, we always try to restore function to the body through exercises and movement correction.  We look as an orthotic as a last line of defense if these other methods fail.  We work with local running stores and use pre-fabricated orthotics that are then customized by Dr. Barnes to fit the patient’s specific needs.  If a store-bought orthotic/insert isn’t doing the trick, we can have a custom orthotic built for you by one of the finest Pedorthist’s in the United States.  Shawn Eno  is a former parter of “The Gait Guys” and builds orthotics designed for competitive and endurance athletes.  Dr. Barnes will perform a full gait / functional analysis which takes into account bony deformities (an area commonly overlooked in the building of orthotics).  We take a partial weight-bearing mold of your actual foot and combine it with a walking pedograph so we can see how your foot functions as you walk.
 Our orthotics are hand made in Denver and will arrive back in our office in 10-12 business days.  You simply will not find a finer orthotic around.  All orthotics are custom made by hand to ensure the best possible results.  Simple modifications can be made in our office and major modifications are made at the Xtreme Footwerks lab with a short turnaround on most modifications.  We will tweak the orthotics many times if needed until you are absolutely satisfied with them.  There is a fine art to casting and creating custom orthotics, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.  We price our orthotics competitively and  unlike most orthotics made by podiatrists, these are exceptionally comfortable in athletic competition and even endurance sports.  If you have chronic foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain, these orthotics could be your answer.

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