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Motion Palpation is a diagnostic technique used by the doctor of chiropractic to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities.  This technique was brought to the United States in 1981 and quickly gained acceptance as a standard diagnostic tool for the chiropractic profession. Dr. Barnes uses “MPI”-style assessments and adjusting which encompassing a vast array of chiropractic techniques designed to fit the patients comfort and specific needs.  Patients are all different and one manipulation technique may work better than another for certain patients.  Dr.  Barnes uses a variety of manipulative techniques to find which one works best (and is most comfortable) for each individual patient.  Another benefit of MPI adjusting is that the focus is on the areas of the spine that are highly-restricted.  These are typically areas where the patient does NOT feel pain.  By manipulating these hypo-mobile areas, the patient will find greater, longer-lasting relief than with the typical chiropractic adjustment.  Most chiropractors do not adjust these highly-restricted areas of the spine because they are simply harder to adjust than the painful (hyper-mobile) areas of the spine.
The Motion Palpation institute also implements manual techniques from a variety of disciplines in order to offer the chiropractor a well-balanced approach to patient care.  For example, an MPI doctor may use joint manipulation from many chiropractic disciplines as his or her primary tool however, he or she may also include rehabilitative protocols from the physical therapy world, functional analysis from the Eastern manual medicine giants, soft tissue work from massage therapists and body-work specialists, and nutrition from world renowned clinical nutritionists and registered dietitians.


An informational video that Dr. Barnes shot for the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI)

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