Sports Photography

 Believe it or not, thousands of runners all across the state know Dr. Chris Barnes as a race photographer instead of a chiropractor.  Dr. barnes has been taking photos and videos since he was young and refuses to give up his favorite hobby.  He got into race photography when his father began running half marathons in 2009. His photos have been used all over the country, especially in Oklahoma where his photos are used to promote races from small to large.  His photos have even been featured in Runner’s World.  You can see his photos in nearly every issue of Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine.   He is the main photographer for the Route 66 Marathon and can be seen at the finish line of dozens of races each year.  One of the ways he gives back to the endurance event community is by offering his photos for FREE!

“People often ask me why I went into chiropractic when I could make a living as a professional photographer.  I typically laugh, and then proceed to tell them that I’m a whole lot better at the whole chiropractic thing.  I love both very much, and as long as I can find time, I’ll answer their question with a question, ‘Why can’t I do both?”


Dr. Barnes Camera 1

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