Restorative Breathing Method

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The Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™  was developed by Dr. Lois Laynee to generate a natural pure energy source to help you have a healthier and more fulfilled life, regardless of your age or gender. Think of the life improving possibilities that are within your reach with just four easy movements.


  • Peaceful sleep
  • Internal and external balance
  • Gentle focus
  • Progressive healing
  • Developmental organization
  • The drive to thrive
  • The enhancement of athletic performance


We have been implementing the Restorative Breathing Method since the summer of 2013.  Dr. Barnes even wrote an article for Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine showcasing the work of Lois Laynee.  You can read it HERE.


Dr. Lois Laynee discussing the Restorative Breathing Method

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