Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga and Chiropractic are excellent compliments to one another….

They are both practices that provide physical benefits, mental benefits, alignment, and an increased connection between the body and mind.
When motion is lost inside the joints, the brain can no longer send or receive information from that joint. With joint restrictions, you are robbing the brain and body of information that it depends on to balance in yoga poses. A chiropractic adjustment improves the communication between the joints in your body and the brain so the nervous system can maximize its function.



Why Yoga?

Yoga came into my life six years ago and became the catalyst for all my emotional and physical healing. This life altering transformation encouraged me to complete a 200 hour, yoga teacher training program through the Yoga Deza Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In addition to this rigorous certification, I spend majority of my weekends taking yoga seminars and reading all the books I can find about yogic theories, anatomical explanations, and mechanical properties of the yoga poses.
Now I incorporate my anatomy expertise to help yoga enthusiasts improve their practice both on and off the mat. Whether you have pain in certain poses or an emotional response to limitations of your body, I can offer balance and the support you need to improve!
In the office, meditative scans are used for healing and will teach you to decrease stress, pain levels and emotional memories of trauma or injuries. Learning this quick and powerful version of meditation will accelerate your healing and improve the connection between your mind and physical body. For more information, check out my blog on the chemical effects of meditating!
Brief meditative and yoga therapies are included in my traditional chiropractic treatments but for more focused and an in-depth look at your body during yoga, private yoga therapy is ideal!



Private Yoga Therapy

Now offering “yoga only” sessions to All Levels of Students Interested in Learning MOre about Yoga Postures & Ways to Improve Your mind-body Health.
Private yoga lessons offer you the ability to focus on personal interests such as decreasing pain and fear of injury. There is no better way to personally improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Unlike basic classes, private lessons are a one-on-one experience with the “yoga” doctor so there’s no concern of public anxieties while you learn to become a more empowered, confident you!
Perfect for beginners that feel overwhelmed in typical class settings. In our session, I will design safe and specific sequences for your body type, capability, and previous injuries. You will then feel prepared to join a local yoga studio without aggravating old injuries! Advanced students can take their practice to the next level by workshopping more challenging poses while finding the correct tools to sustain your practice and prepare you for further progress.
Sessions will be an hour long with the doctor in our office… no chiropractic adjustments or manual treatment will be provided. Practices will target asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation (Dyana). Private lessons accommodate your personal work schedule for added convenience. The only time that will not be available for hour long sessions is 4-6 pm on Mondays or Thursdays. Private sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or student will be charged for the full rate of the session.


Part of the Community

Dr. Mangano is an active member of the Tulsa Yoga Community! SHe has been a guest teacher at studios such as Be Love Yoga Studio and The Yoga Room. Utilizing her yoga training, Dr. Mangano assisted the Everyone Yoga School to teach their Trainees Functional Anatomy and teach a scientific workshop. She has served the Yogis of Tulsa at the I Am Yoga Festival, The BIg Om At Home Yoga Festival, and at the Big Om Summer Retreat in 2018.
She Truly enjoys leading guided meditations and teaching lectures about quantum healing, yoga upgrades, and the connection between chiropractic and yoga.




Self-pay/Cash Prices Only: 60 minute session for $75.00!

New to Tensegrity?

Each new yoga student will receive a 20% discount on their new patient exam as a chiropractic patient.

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