NormaTec Compression Therapy


The high tech, low-stress solution for quick, comprehensive leg, hip, and shoulder recovery. Whether you’re a runner, CrossFitter, triathlete, or power lifter, wearing NormaTec’s full-length leg compression boots before or after an intense workout can help rejuvenate the muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness—meaning less downtime and greater productivity.


Katie Normatec

 The NormaTec MVP Recovery System includes a portable control unit with seven digitally selected intensity levels, sending up to 100 mmHg of compression into the integrated tubing of the nylon leg boots. The process mirrors natural occurring waveform flows in the body, and works painlessly while you rest.  If you’re looking to recover faster so you can train harder and more often, Tensegrity Chiropractic’s Normatec MVP Recovery System should be part of your plan.  The NormaTec System features compression for the legs, hips, and shoulders.  We have two sets of boots, a big screen HDTV, and Keurig coffee maker so you can enjoy your time while recovering next to your training partner.  We offer 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.  You can even bundle compression with our Whole Body Tensegrity Cryo machine for the ultimate combination for recovery!


NormaTec was founded in 1998 by Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD in response to a desperate need for new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat circulation-related disorders. In 2002, the company introduced the NormaTec PCD (Pneumatic Compression Device), an FDA-cleared medical device that yields highly effective clinical results for patients with peripheral vascular diseases. After hearing reports from athletes that they were using their NormaTec Systems for workout and performance recovery (not just acute injuries), NormaTec started its Athlete Technologies division in 2007. Today, many of the world’s best athletes regularly use their NormaTec Recovery Systems for maximum performance recovery.


The most important element for effective compression is the massage pattern. NormaTec’s founder, Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, a physician bioengineer, realized this fundamental principle when she developed and patented the Sequential Pulse pneumatic waveform. Unlike more simplistic compression patterns, Sequential Pulse Technology is based on normal physiology, and it synergistically combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec Recovery System maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you train harder, recover faster, and perform better.


Compression technology has been around for decades in both static and simple dynamic forms. But the Sequential Pulse Technology found in NormaTec Recovery Systems takes dynamic compression to a new level. This unique pneumatic waveform, which is exclusive to NormaTec products, is designed to externally compress the limbs in a way that mimics normal physiology, featuring a sophisticated pulsing, gradient, and distal release compression pattern. Initially developed for medical patients with severe circulatory and peripheral vascular disorders, the NormaTec Recovery System is now the most effective recovery tool for athletes who want maximum performance recovery.


The NormaTec Recovery System can be used both before and after exercise, whether it is routine training or high-level competition.  Before exercise, the NormaTec acts as a high-tech massage to warm up your muscles. Pre-workout sessions are generally 10 to 20 minutes long with a moderate intensity level.  Using the NormaTec Recovery System after intense exercise will significantly speed up your recovery process, allowing you to train harder and perform better. We recommend jumping in your NormaTec boots within a few hours after exercise to expedite your recovery process. Post-workout recovery sessions are generally 20 to 60 minutes long with a moderate to high intensity level (it is safe to pump as long as you want). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-tech massage found only in a NormaTec Recovery System.  Tensegrity Chiropractic is one of the few providers of NormaTec Compression therapy in the Tulsa area.


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