My Chiropractic Story

Dr. Barnes and Dr. Peterson

Dr. Barnes and Dr. Peterson on Dr. Barnes’ last day at the Peterson Chiropractic Facility

Dr. Barnes benefited from Chiropractic care periodically throughout his teenage years, but the journey really began on the day he met Dr. Michael Peterson.  In the year 2000 Dr. Barnes was an all-state football player at Union High School and Dr. Peterson was a local chiropractor who was specializing in a then-little known technique known as Active Release Technique.  Dr. Barnes sustained a groin injury in the playoffs and had missed two weeks of practice with a very noticeable limp.
Dr. Barnes sought care from the training staff, local physical therapists, massage therapists, his medical doctor and even his chiropractor with no relief whatsoever.  With the state championship only a few weeks away, time was running out for Dr. Barnes to get better.  One day, Dr. Peterson came to a Union practice to watch his son who had just moved up from the 9th grade football squad.  One of the coaches mentioned Dr. Barnes’ injury to Dr. Peterson and he offered to take a look at Dr. Barnes.  Dr. Barnes remembers their first meeting vividly, “I was limping off the field when I heard a voice say, ‘hey Chris.’  I turned and there was a guy standing in the bleachers motioning me to come over.  He said, ‘My name is Dr. Peterson and I’m a chiropractor.  I think I can help you with your leg.’  I remember thinking to myself, ‘Ok, whatever.  I’ve already been to my chiropractor.’”   Dr. Peterson then took Dr. Barnes into the training room and performed Active Release on Dr. Barnes’ hip flexor.  Five minutes later, Dr. Barnes got up and was able to lift his leg for the first time in weeks.  The training staff and coaches stood in disbelief.  Dr. Peterson told Dr. Barnes to step outside and try to run on it.  Dr. Barnes ran around the football field and was able to run at 95% of a spring WITHOUT pain.  Dr. Barnes recalls tearing up a little bit and knowing in that moment that this is what he wanted to do with his life.
Fast forward six years and Dr. Barnes began working in Dr. Peterson’s office as an intern during his last semester at the University of Tulsa.   Dr. Peterson hired Dr. Barnes on full-time following his graduation and Dr. Barnes began to work in the office for one more year until the time he left for chiropractic school.  Dr. Barnes credits Dr. Peterson with being one of the most influential people in his life.  Dr. Barnes decided to move back to Tulsa to start practice knowing that he had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with his mentor.  Dr. Barnes spent three years working within Dr. Peterson’s office and moved into his own practice in February of 2014.