My Chiropractic Story (2)

Dr. Golbek National team

As an athlete growing up, the focus was always on preventing injury. During my high school, most of my time at practice was spent doing drills and correcting habits that might lead to injury. But when I began my collegiate career at Arkansas the training, especially the strength training, was much more difficult. Even though I was doing everything I knew to do to prevent injury (stretching, foam rolling, etc.) my body became progressively more beat up until I reached a point where just stretching my left hamstring would cause pain to radiate down into my foot. Not long after, I started seeing the team chiropractor, hoping that he could help with my low back pain that had turned into hamstring pain. After a few visits I was feeling like my old self and ready to compete at a high level again. This inspired me to become a chiropractor myself. Throughout my time in chiropractic school I studied sports science and rehabilitation, focusing on strength training so that I could help people who were getting injured lifting weights just like I did. I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and love to incorporate that into treatment. It’s my mission to make sure that my patients are strong and able to do what they enjoy.