My Chiropractic Story

“Looking back now, I was being led to this career my entire life. I grew up in a healthy seashore environment that instilled in me a love for being outside, competitive and active. Though my family used conventional medicine when necessary, my parents thought playing outside was better medicine than anything that could be prescribed. They started me in soccer as soon as I learned to walk and I continued to play the sport that I loved through my junior in college. I suffered injuries in my college career that altered the course of my life, both physically and professionally. I am grateful for that experience because it encouraged me to further pursue a career in healthcare and sports rehabilitation. I’ve spent many years since then dedicating my life to learning so I could offer that clinical support to others to heal and prevent injuries. Using the knowledge that I’ve acquired, I want to help others enjoy and appreciate the amazing things their bodies can do in hopes that then they’ll take the necessary measures to preserve their health and the health of their loved ones.”