a Doctor for Yoga Enthusiasts

Yoga and Chiropractic are excellent compliments to one another. They are both practices that provide physical and mental benefit, and they both serve to align and awaken the connection between our body and the mind. When motion is lost inside the joints, the brain can no longer send or receive information from that joint. With joint restrictions, you are robbing the brain and body of information that it depends on to balance in yoga poses.
A chiropractic adjustment improves the communication between the joints in your body and the brain so the nervous system can maximize its function. Another key to this joint restoration is the support of the underlying pressure system, the breath. Yogis gain an amazing control of their breathing and how its rhythm matches their movements, this is also a tool chiropractors use while adjusting a patient. Dr. Mangano incorporates her training in breathing techniques throughout her visits with all patients to help them better understand the power of the respiratory system.
Dr. Mangano has been personally practicing yoga for the past four years. In that time, she has taken numerous seminars and read every book she could find about yogic theories, anatomical explanations, and mechanical properties of the yoga poses known as asanas. Now Dr. Mangano uses her anatomy expertise to help yoga enthusiasts improve their practice both on and off the mat. Whether you have pain in certain poses or an emotional response to limitations of your body, Dr. Mangano can offer balance and the support you need to improve!