Common Conditions Treated

Dr. Barnes is specialized in treating a variety of conditions.  The list below represents conditions we see in our office on a regular basis.



Common Conditions Like
Running-Related Injuries
Sports-Related Injuries
Work-Related Injuries
Chronic Pain Syndromes
In the event of a patient suffering from chronic pain, special diagnostic tests of localized areas (for example, low back x-rays) are often normal, although the patient complains of pain. The site of pain is often not the cause of the pain. Recent evidence supports the fact that chronic muscle and joint pain is actually caused by other areas of the body.  Dr. Barnes does a comprehensive exam to fully evaluate a patient to see if a chronic imbalance in the muscles and joints is attributing to your loss of “Tensegrity” or balance.  Posture-related pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their chiropractor on a regular basis.  These posture pain syndromes were first described by the famous Czech physician Vladimir Janda MD and are known as Lower Crossed SyndromeUpper Crossed Syndrome, and Layered Syndrome.  These postural syndromes are also the reason that most patients only get temporary relief with traditional chiropractic care.  If nothing is done to address the chronic tightness and or weakness of muscles, the spine, as well as other areas of the body, will continue to experience chronic pain.    These posture-related conditions are incredibly common in our society and are many times the key solving the “mystery “of your chronic aches and pains.  Many cases of diagnosed “fibromyalgia” are nothing more than poor-posture cases. If you are tired of  continuous aches and pains and only temporary relief from your countless doctor visits, this approach could be just what you’ve been missing.
On top of manual treatments, we also offer simple nutrition advice to help with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions like Fibromyalgia.