Dr. Chris Barnes 

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Dr. Barnes is a highly-trained sports chiropractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is a graduate of Tulsa Union High School, The University of Tulsa, and Cleveland Chiropractic College.  As a college football player, Dr. Barnes suffered from numerous soft-tissue injuries, one of which ultimately ended his career.  Part of what drove him to become a chiropractor was the relief he got from Dr. Michael Peterson, who Dr. Barnes worked with for three years following graduating from Chiropractic School.  Dr. Barnes was frustrated with trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and physicians not giving him answers about why he was continuously getting injured.  This frustration sparked a fire in Dr. Barnes, which caused him to seek out the finest manual therapists and physicians in the world to learn the true cause of his pain and recurring injuries.
“When I found out what was causing my chronic back and shoulder pain I was shocked!  I began doing exercise and stretches to address my imbalances and within a few months I no longer needed chiropractic care to stay out of pain.  I no longer need pain medication or regular visits to my doctors.  I literally have learned to take care of myself and that’s one of the most empowering feelings there is!”   -Chris Barnes DC-
This empowerment is what Dr. Barnes tries to offer to all of his patients.  When the true cause of pain is identified, addressing that cause will keep the pain from coming back.  There are rare cases where regular long-term chiropractic is needed, but that extremely rare in our office.  Our goal is to get you out of pain and back to enjoying life…. as fast as possible.
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Dr. Barnes accumulated over 500 hours of continuing education hours while going through chiropractic college, and has amassed an additional 750+ hours in  six years of practice.  His is nearly 70 times what the state of Oklahoma requires of its chiropractors each year.  These 1250+ hours form the foundation of Dr. Barnes’ treatment strategies.  The difference is clear from the first time you sit down and talk with Dr. Barnes.  He truly knows what its like to be injured and the stress that comes from not being able to do the things you love.
“I have implemented treatments from nearly all areas of manual medicine.  I use advanced chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, manual/massage therapy, breathing rehabilitation, brain “re-programming” tools, emotional corrections, energy work, nutritional advice etc. to give my patients the absolute best care possible.  There is no cookie-cutter approach in our office, and most of our patients are surprised to find out just how unique their treatments are compared with other patients in our office.  We truly tailor every treatment plan for each patient and each one is different, because people are all different.”         -Chris Barnes DC-
Barnes Family   
Dr. Barnes is also an accomplished photographer/videographer and his work can be seen throughout the state in various magazines and television commercials. He is the creator of the Chicken BarbeQulossal at Oklahoma Joe’s Barbeque. He still enjoys running, cycling, lifting weights  when he can find time.  He is married to Alisha Barnes our holistic life coach and is the father of Laynee, Bruce, Brody, and Boaz.

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