Alisha Alessi Barnes – Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach


Alisha Alessi Barnes is a health and lifestyle coach and has an incredible ability to know what is going on in a client’s life and the specific steps needed to change the situation. She is a paradigm shifter and a healer – unlike any we have ever seen. Many of her clients have breakthroughs in the first session that they were unable to have in years of therapy. She sees clients on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. On Friday’s she works in Dr. Barnes’ treatment room to uncover the deep-rooted issues causing pain and stress in the body.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with her you can call our office at 918-280-4280. 




 Here are just a few of her amazing testimonials:

“Alisha is phenomenal. She is incredibly intuitive and a great communicator. She will help you navigate the pathway to making the life adjustments that we all need. I am so grateful that I have her as my coach!!”

Steve Kragthorpe 
Former University of Tulsa football coach

“The first time I ever met Alisha I knew she was an answer to my prayers. Her Love for others was undeniable & her intuition about me was on point. She spoke Truth into my life in a way I knew only God himself could have spoken to her. I’ve struggled through hard moments of abuse, neglect, and hopelessness. Alisha has helped me reach a new level with my confidence, self worth, and Love in who Christ calls me instead of the world. All I can tell others is I thank God for her, because when I asked for him to bring me someone to stand in the gap of a moment I was terrified to face alone…there she was with arms open willing to Love me in my brokenness just as my God does. She’s Beyond Gifted in the ways she can lead others back to Christ, but it’s her deepest passion to help others that’s truly helped to set me free from my past and lead me to the present. She’s even helped to save my marriage!! If you need a sign this is it! She’s the Best you’re gonna find. This Godly woman here…She’s Pure Love!!!”

Juanita O-Hern

“Alisha has a God-given gift. God used her to heal a spiritual and emotional aspect of my life that was manifesting as near-debilitating pain.
In one session, I was healed and given a new vision for my life and my ministry. Through her, I felt seen and held by my Heavenly Father in a whole new way.
I walked in to that appointment living on ibuprofen, and walked out pain-free. Prior to my appointment, I had spent months working on the physical pain, but once we pinpointed the spiritual attack in the session with Alisha, the physical pain was gone.
I have felt the pain starting to creep back in, but by using the tools she gave me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to claim Jesus’ authority over my mind and my body, and have remained free from the pain I was once experiencing.”

Laura McCall

“Alisha has worked miracles for my daughter and our family. My pre-teen daughter was suffering with severe anxiety and depression that affected the entire family. After seeing Alisha for a couple of months, my daughter is the happy, sweet, victorious girl we know she can be. It is so great to see her doing the things she wants to do without being held back by her overwhelming fears. Alisha’s sincerity, compassion, and encouragement through the process helped us all. I am forever grateful for the healing my daughter continues to experience.” 

Sharla Knight

“Alisha is amazing! I highly recommend her for any area of your life that you may need some direction or clarity. She provided a safe place for me to share my thoughts and helped me to formulate some practical steps to achieve my goals. I was stuck in some unhealthy thinking and she had just the right balance of compassion and softness mixed with the exact amount of push I needed to move forward. I am grateful for her intuitive, honest perspective. Alisha helped me identify why I was struggling and helped me see those areas in a new light. She helped me connect where and when I picked up some of those unhealthy thoughts that weren’t serving me well, and helped me create new, healthy patterns of thinking that allowed me to be excited about life again. I had prayed God would help me cross paths with those I needed to cross paths with and He absolutely let me cross paths with Alisha. Very thankful.”

Linda Moesta