AIM (Anatomy in Motion)

Anatomy In Motion


Anatomy in Motion is a system of gait analysis and gait correction that looks at what every joint in the body is doing in each phase of gait.  Based on this information, Dr. Barnes is able to see breakdowns in movement that most doctors aren’t even aware of.  Often time after injury, the body adopts an an altered “center.”  The body can maintain this perceived center for years which can cause muscle and joint pain.  When Dr. Barnes is able to help your body find true center, pain in those motions is relieved and range of motion is restored.  This is truly a unique way of looking at the body and helping the body heal itself.  Gary Ward, the creator of AIM resides in the UK which means there are very few North American AIM practitioners.   As of January 2016, Dr. Barnes is the only AIM provider in the state of Oklahoma.


A short video describing Anatomy In Motion


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