A Doctor for Strength

When it comes to helping people move well, Dr. Golbek understands the importance of blending strength training and chiropractic. The age-old discussion between manual therapists has been whether a patient needs mobility or stability. Dr. Golbek believes that people need both and that the best way to treat a problem is from multiple angles. Among the many benefits of chiropractic adjustments, restoring motion to the joint is paramount. From this motion, the brain receives the information it needs, so that the body can adapt and function optimally. But what about a joint that is already moving well, or one that’s moving too much (hypermobile)? Strengthening and stabilizing movement is just as important as being able to go through a full range of motion.

For the athlete that spends 90% of their time working on mobility only to become tight when they do their sport, the issue is often one of stability and not mobility. It’s essential to understand that our brain will only allow us to move in the range of motion that will protect us from getting hurt. With this understanding and targeted exercises that strengthen weak movement patterns, athletes can work towards peak conditioning much faster and with less chance of injury.

Dr. Golbek is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a M.S. in sports science and rehabilitation. He’s an avid weight lifter himself and is continually studying strength & conditioning concepts to help increase his patient’s outcomes. He believes that everyone should master the foundational lifts in order to improve normal daily activities, as everyone at some point has to push, pull, lunge, squat, and hinge throughout their lives.