A Doctor for Runners


Unlike traditional chiropractors, Dr. Barnes specializes in the treatment of athletes.


Video Gait Analysis


One population that he spends more time with than any is runners. Tulsa has a huge running population and this is one of the
most commonly injured populations. Many runners stick with the traditional health care model and visit their local orthopedic surgeon when dealing with the aches of pains of running. Unfortunately, most orthopedic doctors do not understand the biomechanics of running and typically suggest the runner to rest from activity, try rehab exercises, or stop running all together. As a runner, you know this is never really an option for you. One doctor significantly changed this paradigm over 15 years ago. Dr. Michael Peterson brought Active Release Techniques to Oklahoma and made sports-related soft tissue injuries much more manageable. Through his leadership, several other healthcare practitioners became Active Release Technique providers and a large population of the Tulsa running community has embraced them with open arms. Dr. Barnes joins this group of Active Release providers but adds a whole host of other treatments (FAKTR, Graston, Integrative Dry Needling, Class IV Laser therapy, Kinesiology Taping, Functional Rehab) and TRUE running gait analysis.
Instead of telling you what you should not be doing, Dr. Barnes will try everything in his power to keep you doing the things you love, and in most cases you will not have to stop running during treatment. It all starts with Dr. Barnes’ analysis of your running form. Dr. Barnes is a highly skilled photographer and videographer and he has implemented these gifts in the realm of video gait analysis. We do NOT analyze running gait on a treadmill for several reasons. The biggest reason is that it is not an accurate depiction of your real gait. For this reason, we film our runners on concrete, asphalt, or grass around our office. We film four angles at up to 120 fps (frames per second) and this video is then broken down into super slow motion frames to find out exactly why the runner is having pain. Our soft tissue/rehab treatments, and advanced kinesio taping methods can do remarkable things to keep you running, but many times running form, shoe selection, or inserts must be changed. Dr. Barnes works with local running coaches and all of the running stores (Fleet Feet, New Balance, Runner’s World, Tulsa Runner) to make sure you have all the resources needed to be successful. In more difficult cases, Dr. Barnes works with Xtreme Footwerks in Denver to create some of the most sophisticated custom orthotics in the world. This orthotic maker specializes in making very comfortable orthotics for extreme endurance athletes.
In most cases, the correction of the runner’s form negates the need for custom orthotics. If you’re a runner and you’ve tried Active Release Technique, FAKTR, Graston, Class IV Laser therapy, or Dry Needling  you most likely have found it to be very effective for your injuries. However, if you are continually needing treatments through the course of your training, a change in your running form or corrective exercise may be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Come experience the difference at Tensegrity Chiropractic.


Running Treatments

Dr. Barnes is a former Division I football player and remains very active to this day. He is a race photographer for most of the big races in Oklahoma. He is the official photographer for The Route 66 Marathon and a variety of other large Oklahoma races. He writes articles on sports injuries as well as being the main photographer for Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine. One of his greatest thrills is getting to photograph his patients at the finish line. 

Dr. Barnes Running

Dr. Barnes Camera1
“I love seeing my patients accomplish their goals. Unless you run, you don’t really understand the passion that these people have for the sport. It’s much more than just strapping your shoes on and going for a jog. These people have worked incredibly hard, defied the odds, and have taken their bodies to a place that few humans have. When they are injured, it can be very devastating and my job is to find a way to get them back out there. When they cross that finish line many times I’ll capture the pure emotion of their journey back and its one of the most rewarding things I get to be a part of. It never gets old! It continuously inspires me to push myself in everything I do!” -Chris Barnes DC-