Integrative Dry Needling

Integrative Dry needling

This modern therapy is one of the most powerful therapies available for the treatment of sports-related pain and chronic pain syndromes.
Integrative Dry Needling is a contemporary dry needling therapy developed by Dr Yun-tao Ma  and based on the works of Dr Janet Travell, Dr Chan Gunn, clinical evidence, evidence-based research and Dr Ma’s own 40 years of clinical and research experience and neuroscience training.  It is NOT acupuncture although it utilizes acupuncture needles.  Dry Needling is based on modern Western medicine, not ancient Chinese philosophies.   Integrative Dry Needling fuses filament needles to inoculate minor lesions into the soft tissues (skin, muscles, fascia, tendon and ligament, etc) to activate the healing process, resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology.
In the treatment of trigger points for persons with myofascial pain syndrome, dry needling is an invasive procedure in which a filiform needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point. A myofascial trigger point consists of multiple contraction knots, which are related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle. Deep dry needling for treating trigger points was first introduced by Czech physician Karel Lewit in 1979.  80% of dry needling is painless and most patients will not even know that a needle has been inserted.  This type of therapy is further enhanced by the other soft tissue treatments performed in our office such as Active Release, Graston, and FAKTR.  Vacuum Therapy is another therapy that we integrate with the dry needling for regions where needling would be unsafe for the patient.  The utilization of electric muscle stimulation with these needles also enhances their therapeutic benefit.